Daniel Novoa

Daniel Novoa

Hello! I'm Daniel Novoa the creator of Comedera.Com.

I'm the chef, editor and curator of this website.

Since I was a kid I was a fan of food, trying new flavors, visiting fun restaurants and learn how to prepare homemade dishes that were unforgettable. But I was also good at writing and photography.

I studied journalism, then I studied photography and finally I studied culinary arts at the Alta Cocina Gastronomic Training Institute in Caracas, Venezuela.

I decided then to mix these 3 knowledge and create a website where I could talk about gastronomy and publish recipes, all accompanied with their respective images.

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With the passage of time I realized that to have a successful blog was not enough to write and take pictures, I had to expand my knowledge. I took courses, studied and learned about Digital Marketing and SEO in Spain. I learned so much that for some time I have been advising people and small businesses that want to improve their online presence, gain a reputation or that they are starting and do not know how to take the first steps.

But besides being the "Digital handyman" of this web, and to help others with their digital projects, I am also a photographer. I love food photography and concert photography. I have also done editorial photography, advertising and some other wedding. You can see part of my work as a photographer on my personal website: Daniel Novoa - Photographer.

Do you want to talk to Daniel Novoa about food? Do you need a photographer for your restaurant, cooking blog or culinary project? Do you need help with the SEO of your website? Write to [email protected] and we talk .