About Shogun Hibachi Grill & Sushi and reviews

1870 Prairie City Rd. Ste 600
Folsom, CA 95630(916) 985-9888


Sunday: Closed

MondaySaturday: 11am3pm


Sunday: 12pm9pm

MondayThursday: 4:30pm9pm

Friday, Saturday: 4:30pm10pm

Shrimp Teriyaki Bento

4 pieces of sushi, shrimp and vegetable tempura, and 4 pieces gyoza

Shogun Delight

Filet mignon, shrimp, and salmon


+ Chicken .95 + Shrimp 24.95 + Salmon .95 + Sea Bass 27.95

New York Steak

+ Chicken .95 + Shrimp .95 + Salmon .95 + Tuna .95 + Scallop .95 + Sea Bass .95

Chicken Teriyaki Bento

4 pieces of sushi, shrimp and vegetable tempura, and 4 pieces gyoza 19.95

Seafood Special

Lobster, shrimp, and scallop 38.95


+ Salmon .95 + Shrimp .95

Hibachi Ahi Steak

Tuna  26.95

Haru Maki

Japanese spring roll  4.25


+ Shrimp .95 + Salmon $ 21.95

Filet Mignon

+ Chicken .95 + Shrimp 26.95 + Scallop .95 + Lobster .95


Udon or soba. Served w/soup

Shogun Special

Steak, shrimp, and chicken  33.95

Hibachi Vegetable

No shrimp  13.95

Hibachi Lobster Tails

2 pieces     35.95

>Dinner For Two

Choose 3 item: Filet mignon, New York steak, shrimp, chicken, scallop        65.95

Shogun Sushi Boat

Served w/ soup & salad 

Sushi For Two

16 pieces nigiri w/ rainbow roll, Alaska roll, and eel cucumber roll 42.95

Sushi & Sashimi For Two

10 pieces nigiri and 10 pieces sashimi w/ dragon roll and spicy tuna roll 49.95



Roger K.

Amazing!! Shogun is truly a hidden gem. We're so grateful for Benihana's abysmal service which opened our mind to try this place. Its unassuming from the outside, but inside - wow; a very elegant feel to it. We were greeted warmly at the hostess stand and promptly seated. The food was fantastic and the hibachi chef was really entertaining.  The wait staff were super attentive and constantly checking to see if we needed anything, without hovering intrusively. Very reasonably priced, great food, fantastic service: it's a no brainer. This is THE place for hibachi style in Sac. 10/10 We'll be back for sure!


Keven W.

Do you like a Benihanna type of a restaurant and prices are reasonable during lunch, then look no further than this place.  We went here as a team lunch.  Be sure to come early as the crowds coming in at 12 does get packed.  I ordered the Rib eye steak and rare and it was very good. Their sauce is like candy I love it a lot.  I used it to dip it in the beef and the salad I wish I had more.  The show is typical like you see at these Japanese steakhouses, they cut the vegetables, onion volcano with the fire, the knife dance, I do not know how to explain it. I would not mind taking my wife here as she likes going to these type of venues.


Tristan B.

Wow!!! Nice to find another Hibachi place that is on par with the other that I usually haunt!! The scallops and shrimp were just ever so slightly over cooked perhaps? The filet was cooked just as I wanted it! There salad and soup was great and the ginger sauce is to die for! Personally I like eggs drizzled into my fried rice rather than cooked and then have the rice added?? The sushi roll we had was excellent!! We will surely be back!!!


Rosicela M.

This was my first time at a place like this and let me tell you this was an amazing experience, the food was just too delicious!! Our cook was Tim and he made the whole table feel like we were at a club and eating it was just great! Thank you for making our first time amazing.


Enviro S.

Food is great and service is usually excellent. Save some money and don't go to the other know hibachi place....this is a MUCH better choice all around!


Marc K.

Awesome Place great food  tim and Bruce are great chefs I highly recommend anyone come and experience an awesome and wonderful experience


Jennifer R.

Came here on Valentine's Day and had a great experience!  Not sure how busy they are on a regular basis but we made reservations for this specific date. We were sat immediately and drink orders were taken within 10 minutes. Since it was hibachi, they were waiting for the rest of the reservations for our table to arrive before taking everyone's orders, so that took a little while. We ordered the spicy edamame as an appetizer and it was THE BEST edamame I've ever had, not too spicy, slightly sweet and even though it was slightly messy to eat, it really wasn't that bad. I would probably return simply for the edamame!  If you've been to hibachi before then there are no surprises.  The performance and routine are basically the same (there must be an international hibachi school that teaches EXACTLY the same thing to everyone!) but, that being said, we had a particularly funny guy named Tim who said some pretty funny things if you were paying attention to the subtle humor. On top of his great sense of humor, he truly made the best hibachi I've ever eaten.  I ordered Ribeye, which he smothered in a garlic/butter/soy sauce mix right before serving it.  It was cooked PERFECTLY.  Everything else came out great (the rice, veggies, shrimp etc) and we had quite a pleasant experience. Again, I'll be back, even if it's just for the edamame!


Courtney Q.

5 stars for the lunch hibachi3.5 stars for the sushi/other foodI've only gone here for lunch, but the lunch hibachi here is a steal! They do the whole cook in front of you/use your mouth as a basketball hoop deal and it's great fun! Sushi rolls could be better. You can also order the hibachi foods without the show, but having them cook in front of you is a nice experience. Personally, I'll probably only be going for the in-person hibachi moving forward.


Rachael G.

Found this place on yelp, read over the reviews and being that I love sushi I knew I had to try it out. So I came here with my friend who also loves sushi, we got there and there was a few people inside but not too crowed, we were seated right away. We ordered we got 7 different rolls between the two of us to share so we had a good verity of options. We got the Shogun Roll, Dragon Roll, Rainbow Roll, Black Dragon Roll, Golden Bridge, Pink Lady Roll, Iron Point Roll, we also got an order of Oysters they come in a set of four. Everything was very good, and the service was excellent, once we finished one set of rolls our next order was out very shortly after. The place is very nice and I enjoy everything about it, I will definitely be back for more.



Reservation at 645. Sat down around 7. Drink order around 715. Food started around 730.  SLOW. Had to ask twice for chopsticks. Rice was bland. Rib-eye was chewy. Chicken was good. Veggies were good. Sushi tasted like grocery store sushi. Overall, fair. We won't be going back.


Cindy K.

This review is for their sit down menu, not hibachi. I have been here for lunch a couple of times. They have a 50% off rolls menu, but the rolls are very meager. I like their chirashi but it is very overpriced. The sashimi lunch is tasty and I appreciate that they serve is on ice!Overall not the best for sushi the bento boxes are a decent lunch deal. I would like to try the hibachi one of these days!


Janessa M.

My boyfriend and I have been to this restaurant about 4 times now within the last month! We love it! The food is to die for, and the prices compared to any other hibachi place is exceptional! The experience of the hibachi is fantastic! The chef was entertaining and outgoing! Usually I am a big critic when it comes to hibachi chefs because most of them will just cook without saying anything at all or doing anything to entertain the guests. But NO! not this place, the chef pulls out all kinds of tricks. Definitely recommend for kids! If you are in a hurry and just craving the food, sitting at the table is also a nice experience! the servers are great, and very attentive! The food comes out within 15 minutes and still amazing! Same food, just no master chef cooking it in front of you!10/10 recommend for anyone who loves hibachi!


Debbie L.

This place has an amazing decor, super friendly staff, great prices and most importantly yummy food. Came here on lunch w/Bf &sister. He had a pink lady roll & i had a shogun roll with eel. She had a big bowl of soup but o forget the name..it was all sooo delicious. Great for groups! I'll definitely be back.


Ryan S.

Four-stars sounds like a lot, and it is. But truth be told this is a mixed review.I give five stars to the excellent best grill master shogun chef and entertainer.  Perfectly seared meats, rice, veggies and a fun character to have entertain us for 30+ minutes.  Clean place, comfortable, not stuffy or smoky.However I can only give three stars to the flavor of the sauces, spices and everything that the shogun grill master( had no control over.  Bland, flavorless, mayo heavy...disappointing.Will I give it another chance?Well, I did and more of the same.Sorry.  Not for me.


Zuhadi Z.

The lunch special made this place a lot more affordable for a hibachi restaurant. And I really mean a lot more. I had Salmon grill, which was served with egg fried rice and mixed vegetable. As we had chosen the hibachi grill, the chef prepared all the dish in front of us, with the usual hibachi tricks. It was pretty entertaining, although I almost felt pity for the chef because he had to perform only for the 3 of us in an almost empty restaurant on that weekday before noon. Good for us though, because it felt almost like a private session. The fried rice was good. No clumps and pretty tasty. The mixed vegetables was a bit bland. Nothing too exciting. The salmon was done pretty well. Good serving portion. Overall, the food was alright. I couldn't help feeling like something was missing. Like I needed some sort of a punch to my taste buds. I found that the side sauce helped a lot. I probably need to try other item in the menu in my next visit.3.5 stars.



Sushi was ok, the tempura was great, not greasy. The service was lacking. It took a long time for them to take our Order, we were the only ones there. they seemed like they didnt want to be there, also comparing to Hisui Susi which was superior. Wouldn't go back.


Adam M.

Rude service,  bad sushi, super uncomfortable hot atmosphere. If you want to drop a few hundred dollars for a 10 year olds birthday it's not a bad choice and the steak isn't half bad.  But the sushi was not even grocery store quality and both the staff I felt with were rude and arrogant.


Sanghoo P.

Went to lunch with my best friend. She suggested Shogun Sushi Hibachi on Prairie City Rd in Folsom. We came hungry and left full. Between the two of us, we had six sushi rolls and one appetizer. Right after we ordered, we were served miso soup and salad. Pretty good and fresh. Our rolls came pretty fast and I would add their presentation of some of the rolls were awesome.


Leslie B.

I stopped by to pick up lunch. The women who took my order was to busy talking with a women sitting at the counter. She never said anything to me.  After she took my order she did not tell me how much my order cost or offer to give me a receipt. Just handed me coins back. Once I arrived home there was no soup with my lunch order? The menu said it came with soup. Then as I open it up the order was wrong. I ordered a shrimp and avocado roll and a CA. Roll. What I got was 2 CA. Rolls. The salad only had about 5 pieces of lettuce with the dressing placed in the container. The dressing was great, but there was not enough salad. Don't think I will be returning...


D N.

Fantastic experience! We took our kids here. Server was friendly, seating and ambiance was great, entertainment was just that, food seemed fresh, and the portions were generous. Loved the yakisoba best!