About Comedera.Com

We are a community of gastronomy fans that we want to teach other fans all we know about the art of good eating. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, we tell our audience about our favorite ingredients, precise methods and favorite places to eat around the world.

We handle from basic issues such as making easy recipes to other topics such as cooking techniques. , foods that help you get better health, how to use those ingredients that you have in the pantry and you do not know what they are for, etc.

We also travel

We like to travel and show the places we discovered to eat, trying to focus on the most authentic and rare things we can get.

Barcelona, ​​Lisbon, Budapest, Berlin, Vienna and Bogotá are some of the cities we have explored and on which We have published content.

In addition destinations like Zaragoza and Lleida have had our pen to capture the best of the gastronomy of these wonderful places in the blogtrips: "Savoring Zaragoza" and "Gastronomic adventures in Lleida ".

Now in Madrid

Since July 2014 Comedera.Com has collaborators in Madrid, a place that we love , geographical center of the best country in the world to eat. We believe that the capital of Spain is a great place to continue talking about what we like to do most in life.

We are constantly developing content dedicated to Madrid: we visit taverns, bars, restaurants, municipal markets, fairs , flea markets and any place where there is food to be able to recommend to our readers the best places to visit in this great city.

Who is behind Comedera.Com?

Comedera.Com It was created at the end of 2012 by the chef and journalist Daniel Novoa to share recipes and places to eat.

Currently Comedera.Com has a small team of collaborators who live in different parts of the world who contribute their recipes and recommendations for favorite restaurants.

What kind of content is there in Comedera.Com?

  • Many kitchen recipes: life, healthy, easy, fast, international and the odd invention crazy
  • Restaurants: new ones, old ones, fancy ones, crappy ones
  • City guides: where eat, what to eat, how to save.
  • Travel: culinary experiences around the world.
  • Culinary curiosities.
  • Ingredients and utensils: How to use that rare ingredient that you have in your pantry?
  • Asian food: Daniel is a fan of Asian food, especially Chinese, as well that you can find a lot of related content.

And what else?

Comedera.Com has collaborators in cities such as Madrid, Oporto, Lisbon, Budapest, Los Ángeles, Buenos Aires and Lima, those who really like gastronomy, enjoy writing about it and very important: they speak with knowledge of each topic.

Our contents are aimed at human readers, not at robots 😉

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