Cream of yogurt and raspberries

I know that half of Spain is on a diet after Christmas binge eating, so this recipe is for everyone who is counting the calories, it's rich, easy and cheap. Can you ask for more?> I was a little embarrassed to publish it because of its simplicity, but later I thought that there will be people who can come well, it's great for me because at home everyone likes it and in 5 minutes you have a pretty presentable dessert, I I do with different fruits, for example with mango is very rich.

Well, nothing, here I leave it for if someone is interested.

Happy beginning of the week, kisses !!

Cream of yogurt with raspberries

3 Greek yogurts without sugar
50 g. of birch sugar
125 g. of fresh raspberries
200 ml. of light cream, cooking

We wash the raspberries and dry them with kitchen paper. We reserve a few to decorate.
We put in a bowl the yoghurts with the sugar and beat a few seconds, add the cream and the raspberries and continue beating, that the raspberries are broken but they are not crushed.
We passed the cream to individual cups or bowls and put in the refrigerator a couple of hours to be more consistent. When we are going to serve them, we decorate with the reserved raspberries and mint leaves.