Sponge cake with sweet and quince jelly

Very good! Luckily my cold is passing, I thought I was never going to go, fever, headache, but above all a cough that had me desperate, uffff. They are also putting infiltrations in my hands that I have fatal, so I can not do everything I wanted, I hope to get my batteries next year and have a little more attention to this blog that has given me so much satisfaction :).

I continue to try recipes with quince jelly and this time I have also incorporated sweet quince in this cake, I do not know what it is but the little piece that was left after 5 days was incredibly fluffy like the first day that we tried it.

And that said here you have the recipe.
Kisses a lot !!

Cake with sweet and jelly Quince
4 eggs
200 g. of sugar
120 g. of soft olive oil
120 g. of quince jelly
200 g. of sweet quince and 200 g. of flour
1 envelope of chemical yeast

We beat the eggs with the sugar until we have a white and fluffy mixture,
We add the oil, jelly and quince jelly cut into small pieces, beat until integrate everything, add the flour with the yeast and with the blender at low speed or some manual rods mix well.
We grease a mold and vet the dough.
We put in the oven preheated at 180º for 50 minutes.> Let cool a few minutes in the oven, unmold and wait for it to cool completely in a rack.