Discover the Ultimate Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza Near Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin!

When it comes to pizza, everyone has their own preference. But if you’re a fan of the thick, cheesy, and tomato-rich Chicago-style deep dish pizza, you might find yourself in a bit of a pickle if you’re in Wisconsin. But fear not, pizza lovers! There are several places near Milwaukee and Madison where you can get your hands on a delicious slice of Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Let’s dive into the ultimate guide to finding the best Chicago-style deep dish pizza near Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin.

Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza in Milwaukee

While Milwaukee is known for its beer and brats, it also has a few spots that serve up a mean Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Here are a few places you should check out:

  • Rosati’s Pizza: With multiple locations in the Milwaukee area, Rosati’s is a popular choice for Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Their pizza is known for its buttery crust, chunky tomato sauce, and generous cheese topping.
  • Pizzeria Scotty: Located in West Allis, Pizzeria Scotty is a local favorite. They offer a variety of deep dish options, all loaded with fresh ingredients and a rich, flavorful sauce.
  • Chicago’s Taste Authority: As the name suggests, this place knows a thing or two about Chicago-style food. Their deep dish pizza is a must-try, with a perfectly cooked crust and a sauce that’s just the right balance of sweet and tangy.

Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza in Madison

Madison may be a bit further from Chicago, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a great deep dish pizza. Here are a few places to try:

  • Greenbush Bar: Don’t let the bar setting fool you, Greenbush serves up some of the best deep dish pizza in town. Their crust is thick and buttery, and they don’t skimp on the cheese or toppings.
  • Salvatore’s Tomato Pies: While not a traditional deep dish, Salvatore’s offers a “Wisconsin-style” deep dish that’s worth a try. It’s made with local ingredients and a unique, tangy sauce.
  • Pizza Brutta: Pizza Brutta offers a variety of pizzas, including a deep dish option. Their pizza is known for its fresh ingredients and flavorful sauce.

So, whether you’re in Milwaukee or Madison, you don’t have to go far to find a delicious slice of Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Each of these places offers their own unique take on the classic dish, so why not try them all and decide for yourself which one is the best?